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A photographer to explore the jungle of Guatemala

Because “2012″ reasons, many people became interested in the Mayan civilization. The collapse of Mayan civilization, is one of the archaeological world’s largest Mystery, there are many hypotheses. For travelers, the collapse of the Maya monuments were looking for traces of the former is indeed a very attractive thing. Old Town Center Plaza, Tikal the north and south of the ruins on the Acropolis and the Quest for the love of reasoning offers travelers a great “crime scene.”

Although the Spanish colonists as early as the mid-18th century, Maya monuments found, but the general public interest in the Mayan civilization is from the 1840s published in an American travels. 1839, U.S. explorer
Agen SBOBET and painter Friedrich Carter Wood organized a team of explorers visited the Yucatan Peninsula, they had two years to find the 44 Mayan city, and to this experience written travels, published by the fanatical pursuit of readers around the world, was later hailed as the most outstanding 19th-century adventure literature class, one of Hollywood family film “Indiana Jones” is basically prepared to Stephens as the prototype out of the .

Only nobles eligible war

The face of such a magnificent building Tikal, is indeed difficult to imagine that this is only 1000 years ago, the Mayans built stone as a tool. However, a small plaza next to the pyramid provides a partial answer. Tall called “The Lost World” (The Lost World) from the middle of the pyramid by archaeologists dug up, exposing the inside of a small pyramid, isotope test to prove that it was built in 800 BC. It turned out that the world every 52 years the Mayan cycle time, so every 52 years on the original and then take the layer of stone on the pyramid, now we see the pyramids are so take out one level.

Suddenly, Tower II came a cry conspicuous above the roar, breaking the quiet square. “Here every day to see this uneducated American tourists!” Tour with the muffled sound of a curse. I followed the sound to see the past, and she saw a bare chested male tourists waving in red below the companion, companions, speaking loudly in response to his American accent, a way no one else. II until I climbed the tower, overlooking the square, then suddenly realized that Maya kings standing here like some American tourists who just could not resist pointing the same country. Tour guide told me that really is the year the Mayan pyramid where the king orders all worship activities, including living sacrifice, are carried out on the tower. Mayan pyramid the more reason for making the higher is to let more people see the king’s honor.

In fact, according to the Mayan murals and written records, Maya likes to worship the gods with living in today it seems very cruel. For example, the Maya is the most common way people tied to the pillars, and then use knives to cut the chest and abdomen, is still beating heart out of ritual. There are many pyramids in Tikal are standing in front of a few pillars, are tied to human use. “Maya with a plant hallucinogens to people tied to the unconscious, so you do not struggle to get too intense.” Tour guide said. Be used to worship the NPC are captured from the enemy prisoners, most of which are the enemy of the aristocracy. Originally, the early bit like the contemporary Maya warfare in China, or more precisely, a bit like “Three Kingdoms”, portrayed the war, that is first by both generals to catch on the athletic field, the winner is the victory. Maya’s approach is more extreme, only aristocrats are eligible to fight, the purpose of war is only the capture of the other’s head, the other city will not damage or kill enemy civilians. In other words, the early Maya war only has symbolic significance, the Maya and even that only Venus to a position to go to war, for war is forced to reduce the number of times, to avoid unnecessary losses. Interestingly, the Kingdom of Tikal Mayan precisely because there is no compliance with the Code and the war against a powerful neighbor. Tikal stone unearthed according to records, about the early 4th century AD, one nicknamed “Jaguar Claw” Tikal king who ascended the throne. He is located in central Mexico, where the Kingdom of Tiao Ti Hua Hom learned a new way of fighting, the enemy is no longer under the old rules and close combat, but to keep the enemy surrounded the first, and then they threw stones to spear. “Jaguar Claw,” the army’s combat with the tricky way around several enemy defeated, Tikal became the center of the Mayan civilization. But only for this trick learned by other kingdom. In AD 562, a test called Kara out of a small country nicknamed “Water King” King, with Tikal learned from the tactics defeated Tikal, Tikal king was captured and immediately put to death. Tikal never recovered until 700 AD Shiyou out of a king to levy war used to test A Heka, this revival, Tikal again become the center of the Mayan civilization.

Mayan nobility keen plastic

Maya nobles and civilian sectors is very easy to distinguish, the former not only tall, but most of deformed skull, teeth have been ground into a deliberately jagged, some inlaid with small pieces of jade. Tall because of good nutrition, the deformation of the skull as a child, the parents out with wooden clip. Maya nobles have hope that I’m “a phase”, the skull was crushed, imitation leopard, and others pressed the skull length, imitation ear of corn. The nose is also plastic objects, like Maya nobles in the nose pad thing, and this is the Palenque unearthed the massive “astronauts” in stone “the amount of nose” and the source.

Maya nobles was so loving plastic, because they claim they are not Tunasbola.co ordinary people, but the gods descend to earth, to bring it to the gods for the people, seeking their blessing. Maya and all the early farming societies, a high degree of dependence on nature. Maya civilization, a lot of natural worship of God, whether the sun or moon, mountains and rivers are worshiped as gods, even the King of the Mayan corn gods are.

King is used to respond to disasters

Castle is the residence of nobility, north of the Acropolis fortune is said to be the starting point of the ancient city of Tikal, has 2500 years of history. The city’s buildings are not high, but many walls, some walls apparently added later, indicating population expansion, can only rely on the wall to accommodate the additional population increase. City of Tikal’s health is not the toilet, then have to go outside the city nobles designated location convenient, and together the waste as fertilizer. Tikal the main city is less than 4 square kilometers, most of the population are living outside the city, farming for a living. The soil is not fertile Yucatan Peninsula, Mayan farmers must use slash and burn approach, relying on burning forests of ash as fertilizer. Under normal circumstances, one would have planted a few years after the fallow crops, and then re-burn another forest. But when the population increased to a certain extent Hou Maya people to attend to fallow up. So, Maya residential area of ​​all forests have all been deforested, the result is a decline in soil fertility, and accompanied by serious soil erosion, many of the Mayan city can be found in soil near the forests have been destroyed when the traces.

Typically, once the disaster, the king came in handy. Maya kings and nobles have been claimed to be gods descend to earth, the reason why the farmers to pay taxes voluntarily, is to pray in the disaster occurred when the king prayed to the gods, in order to end the disaster. Archaeological results show that the Maya rain god is believed among the dozens of gods most frequently seen Mayan history had been subjected to repeated drought. Scientists study the Caribbean sea sediments found in this region in the 9th century experienced a very severe drought, the extent of the past several thousand years the most serious. Imagine, the severe drought of supernatural powers to kings suddenly not working, no amount of human sacrifice did not help, the prestige of kings and nobles were unprecedented challenges.

2012 is how come the

Mayan mathematics can be very prominent in the contemporary ancient civilization which few opponents. One of the most commendable is the unique Mayan calendar. There are two sets of complex Mayan calendar, only the aristocracy can grasp. To guide the production of a calendar year 18 months, each month 20 days, the extra five days is considered very auspicious, usually not announced, but secretly had lost. The other set is used to guide the religious calendar, each year only 13 months, each month is 20 days, must register each year only 260 days. Two sets of results using both calendar is once every 52 years will overlap, so the Maya believed that the world once every cycle of 52 years, which is why the Mayan pyramids every 52 years would cause an additional floor. For more than 52 years of history, the Maya invented another algorithm, based on a unique 20 hexadecimal is Maya. The Maya believed that the present world, originated in 3114 BC, September 6, according to the set of algorithms, every 5125 years or so will come a new “big cycle”, so the world will be December 21, 2012 end This is the “2012 doomsday” the source of this statement. If you know the Mayan calendar is how it is not difficult to find 2012 a mere coincidence, without any real meaning. In fact, this just reflects the Mayan mathematical system is quite primitive, modern universal calendar far more accurate than Bi Maya calendar, but also much more practical.

Brilliant Mayan civilization was almost lost forever in the course of history, and now can only rely on the archaeologists dug out from the forest remnants of the clues that were hard to piece together its former glory. However, the Mayans did not absolutely dead, and today there are many pure Maya live in this land, but they all were rushed to the isolated place, in order to find them, they must return to Tikal back to that piece of green mountains.